It’s been another sad day for the League of Ireland.

Bray Wanderers, a club that entertained this season and looked to be making good strides on the pitch, it seems have been struggling off the pitch.

The club’s players have today been advised to open negotiations with other clubs as the money troubles at the Carlisle Grounds escalated.

The PFAI tweeted that they only have enough money to pay players’ wages up to next week.


“It is just not viable to continue to run a club at the level expected by fans without the proper support”, the statement read.

“A huge effort has been put into the club by many volunteers in the past few years, Harry has done a great job with the senior squad, and substantial funds have been put in to support this effort for which we are grateful.

“But what is the point if we cannot get the minimum financial and supporter base which a great club like this deserves?”

It is a bad day for the league, football in Ireland and the FAI, but one LSL manager has cheekily tried to turn it into a positive for his club.

Former League Of Ireland player Gary Dempsey, is now in charge at LSL Senior Sunday side Greystones and while he has some strong views about today’s happenings the player coach did offer any Bray player a place to play next season.

It’s definitely a shot in the dark and almost certainly done tongue in cheek, but while some of the bigger name players might be snapped up rather quickly their may be some fringe players that will be searching for clubs- and any players local to Bray may just look at Greystones as an option.